Munay Massage and Sound

"A sound mind is in a sound body."


About Me

I draw the inspiration for my practice from Munay a word which means one who loves and is loved. 


I am a graduate of the New York Institute of Massage and in the three years since receiving my licensure I have completed more than 2,500 clinical hours of massage treatments. I have discovered that I am at my best when combining my medical knowledge with my intuition and love of energy work. I feel I am capable of treating nearly everyone, but my most pronounced successes involved treating women, people suffering from depressive symptoms, those coping with grief or loss, and those recovering from addictions.

I firmly believe in the power of music and harmonic resonance to cultivate peace to the mind, body, heart, and soul. Sounds are constantly  affecting our hormones, emotional states, breathing, heart rate, and our brain waves. With intention, the sacred connection between humanity and the natural world are restored through sound healing. 

Upcoming Events at The Temple

  • Community Integrative Energy Healing
    East Aurora
    Nov 28, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
    East Aurora, 21 S Grove St, East Aurora, NY 14052, USA
    While true healing begins deep within, it’s reach is limitless in the hearts among us.
  • In a Forest’s Night Guided Meditation
    21 S Grove St
    Dec 10, 7:00 PM – 7:45 PM
    21 S Grove St, 21 S Grove St, East Aurora, NY 14052, USA
    A perfect union of the stillness and serenity of meditation and nature.
  • Chakra Vocal Toning for Beginners
    East Aurora
    Dec 18, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
    East Aurora, 21 S Grove St, East Aurora, NY 14052, USA
    If you can make a sound you can hum. If you can hum you can tone. We all sound naturally. From a babies cry to the ahh moaning of a stubbed toe. Crying, moaning, screaming, and laughing are all spontaneous emotional bursts of sound that release emotion whether painful or pleasurable.